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What Clients and Colleagues Have Said

I have really enjoyed my lessons with Margit and have seen so much improvement in my game! The very best is the confidence she instills and inspires.

Shirla Cesari

I have been a personal trainer, fitness director at Equinox/Fitness Formula Clubs after I was the National Cardio Tennis Director for all of the Midtown Athletic Clubs, and truly understand how important YOGA is for tennis players and COACHES!!!!  Keep up the great work!!!!

Eric Alexon

 I have known Margit for many years, first as a fantastic mixed-doubles partner, and now, as a valued colleague. She is a dedicated student of the game, and, as a result, a stellar teacher/coach for players at any level. Additionally, her unique fusion of tennis technique and yoga principles – she is also an expert  instructor in that discipline as well – represents an all too rare head-to-toe approach to guiding players to their best tennis. Her new website reflects all that she brings to the court, and the studio. I highly recommend Margit to anyone seeking their personal best.

Jak Beardsworth, USPTA Elite Tennis Professional and Author

I first met Margit when she was watching me slash poorly aimed tennis shots that more often than not hit the fence or the net. I was a new person to tennis (not very disciplined) and she offered me her card. She assured me that tennis was a lot easier than I was trying to make it. She took me on as a new client and I still go back to those days she worked with me...Her approach is one of working with what you have, developing a workable game, limiting emotions and concentrating on the next shot. If not for her, I seriously doubt I would still be playing tennis. Her other skills include yoga, something I take with her weekly, and she always knows what muscles are aching and how to stretch and strengthen them to benefit being able to play tennis for a lifetime. I'm so grateful to her for all she has done for me...thank you Margit!

Tom Jackson

I haven’t known Margit that long but have felt instantly comfortable with her and have been very impressed with her professionalism and communication. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Beyond that she is a phenomenal yoga and tennis instructor and expertly blends yoga and tennis together. I wish I could have worked with her as a competitive junior tennis player – I think I could have prevented a lot of the injuries I suffered with her knowledge and guidance. Highly recommend Margit!

Kalindi Dinoffer, VP Marketing, OnCourt OffCourt
Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Coach

I am a junior competitive tennis player, and I just wanted to say your videos have really revolutionized my game! I've always had trouble keeping my mind focused and concentrated 100% during matches and practice. Since I've been using your meditation and breathing videos I've been much more in control! I've been playing so much better, winning more matches, and playing with much more ease! I've also been doing your yoga videos which have really made me more agile and limber on the court! Thanks so, so much for what you are doing!

Kinsey Crawford

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