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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

We're in the heat of summer here in Southwest Florida and the more things change, the more they stay the same! Nature reminds us to slow down with excessive heat and monsoon-like rain showers but somehow some of us still fight the urge to push on daily, despite our own body's warning systems combined with the wisdom of Mother Nature...I place myself in this category!

What is it about us, this natural stubbornness this human mechanism that wants to ignore what's best for us in any given moment because we think we can beat "the system" and ignore what's actually happening? For someone who is already "fiery" in nature, in this "pitta" season", I am constantly reminded how much I need my daily practice. Not the practice of yoga poses per se but the practice of taking what I've learned on the mat & on court in becoming more aware of my thoughts, actions & reactions.

For me, this requires me to slow down, and what I've realized at this point in my practice is that it's not enough to simply include slower practices like meditation and restorative postures into my daily routine, but also into the yoga of everyday living (when eating, doing household chores, in paying attention when someone is speaking to me, etc.) The list goes on, and I'm not going to lie, it's hard depending on the day, focusing one task at a time in a world where multi-tasking and overworking are glorified!

I am constantly reminding myself that life is not a race to some imagined final destination (where there's no winner, by the way) and that because I run "hot" I shouldn't expect others to do the same. You may have had a similar experience on court by being hyper-focused on results, and we all know that those who value process vs. outcome have not only more success, but that they do it out of their love and commitment to the game, which can ultimately lead to a greater human experience.

It is never my intention to imply that I have it all figured out but rather share what helps me and I hope to "evolve" over time with those of you on a similar path. But boy do we need reminders on a daily basis!!!

Margit Bannon is both a USPTA Elite certified Tennis Pro & Registered Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. She teaches tennis, yoga, and Yoga for Tennis at her business: Play Tennis. Practice Yoga.® located in Southwest Florida.

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